❌We don't teach people how to use advisors.
❌We do not teach people the Forex market.
❌We do not have more information than is published for each description.
❌Please do not ask us to recommend an EA or any other product.
❌We are not the developers of advisors, and it is impossible for us to understand how they work, since we add 2-3 new ones every day.
✔️We support our customers with installation and downloading
✔️Any problem you may notice after installation
✔️We only provide support to clients
✔️We are happy to help active clients
We have introduced these rules due to some people abusing our support channel to access our knowledge without being customers. They often strive to gain extensive knowledge by bombarding us with numerous questions. While we understand the value of education, we are not a Forex school. A lot of information is available on Google and YouTube for educational purposes. We kindly ask you not to waste our and your precious time in vain.
Thank you for your understanding